1. Custom Aerosol Can
    2. The custom aerosol can is included in Sihai’s major service packages. In fact almost all our customers are asking for aerosol cans printed with their own brands. As a leading tinplate can supplier in China ...

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    1. Tinplate Printing Service
    2. Here at Sihai, our rich experience in tinplate printing service industry allows us to custom print any metal cans while maintaining a high level of print quality. Our advanced printer can perform printing on very complicated designs.

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    1. Aerosol Can Accessories
    2. Sihai would be pleased to treat any customers who come to visit our company for special orders. If your order quantity reaches a certain level, Sihai would like to design new mold and tools to customize your ordered products.

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Aerosol Can & Accessories Customerization

Sihai is a China-based manufacturer that specializes in providing metal cans and tinplate printing services. No matter what kind of aerosol packaging you need, the company is able to provide a suitable solution for you. According to the variety of chemicals to be packaged, we would provide different metal cans to meet the size, material and pressure requirements. Based on the pattern template you provide, we are capable of making prints on your ordered aerosol cans and cylindrical tanks. Our printing service covers the 4-color printing, spot color printing, varnishing, and matte varnishing. Additionally, we offer a broad selection of aerosol can valves, actuators and caps. Customers are welcome at Sihai, and many choose to visit us for large-quantity orders. Once your order quantity reaches a certain level, we can design new molds to make bespoke products. More

    1. 45mm Diameter Aerosol Can

      The 45mm-diameter aerosol can is available in heights from 85mm to 160mm. Standard tin can thickness is 0.18-0.20mm. Both the cone top and domed bottom of this aerosol can have a thickness of 0.28mm.

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    1. 52mm Diameter Aerosol Can

      This 52mm diameter aerosol can comes in heights from 100mm to 200mm. Upon your request, we can add coatings to the internal surface of your aerosol can to reduce or avoid tin can leaks or explosion hazard.

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    1. 57mm Diameter Aerosol Can

      The 57mm diameter aerosol can is specially designed to contain insecticide and other household aerosols. The insecticide is slightly poisonous to human beings. That is why this series of insecticide spray can should meet stringent leakage specifications to ensure safe use.

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    1. 60mm Diameter Aerosol Can

      The use of aerosol spray can extends into car care industry, such as paint spraying and release agent application. This 60mm diameter aerosol spray can is available in heights from 10mm to 240mm.

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    1. 67mm Diameter Aerosol Can

      The 67mm diameter aerosol can is the container of choice when it comes to containing refrigerants. Generally thicker than most series of aerosol cans listed in the catalogue, this industrial aerosol spray can has 0.35mm-thick lids at both the top and bottom.

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    1. 70mm Diameter Aerosol Can

      The 70mm diameter aerosol can comes in heights from 100mm to 240mm. With all iron materials imported from Japan, the aerosol spray can has a tin coating thickness between T2.5 and T4.

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    1. Innovation

      We consider innovation as part of our responsibility. It is also included in the service we provide. At Sihai, we strive to innovate by introducing new products and aerosol packaging concepts to the marketplace.

    1. Quality

      Our quality inspection team is made up of experienced technicians. Every employee at Sihai is asked to learn advanced knowledge and use the latest production equipment. We strictly adhere to ISO standards under which Sihai...

    1. Quick Response

      We consider it part of our responsibility as a global leader in aerosol packaging industry to protect environment. At Sihai, there is the most stringent regulation in effect to ensure the wastes produced in all production processes ...

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